Window Graphics, One Way Vision film

Digital prints on the One Way Vision film are widely used for the branding of windows in offices and shops, as well as for the branding of vehicles. This kind of film is perforated, so it lets lights into the interior of the object or the vehicle, where the people from inside can see clearly the outside of it. On the other hand, your customers outside the office can actually see only the advertisement, but not the interior of your premises.
The perforated One Way Vision is a self-adhesive PVC film is intended for eco-solvent and solvent large format printing. With the thickness of 140 microns, the frontal part as the place for print is white, while the back side is coloured black and covered with an easily soluble adhesive. Perforated parts cover about 40% of the film, while the light permeability of this material is 30%.
This is the type of self-adhesive film that is easiest to apply. In most cases, the glass is flat, and the air extruded during the application procedure easily exits through factory default holes in the material …

Windows on the public transportation vehicles, glazed facades of modern buildings – are simply ideal surfaces for this type of advertising and branding of your products and services.