Sandblast Vinyl

Printing on the sandblast vinyl is the perfect solution for a more powerful and richer appearance of glass surfaces in your facility. Modern offices, malls and apartments now have more glass partitions and walls.

If you want to have your glass opaque to some extent, with the light transmission, the sandblast vinyl is an excellent choice for this.
You can choose up to 4 variations for your glass surfaces, including:

*full sandblast vinyl across the entire glass,
*sandblast vinyl with cut-outs,
*full-colour sandblast vinyl printing,
*the combination of printing and cut-outs.

Full sandblast vinyl is used when you have to cover the entire glass, making it possible to see the light and shadows. You can also cover glass showers as well as doors or windows and avoid the glances of passersby.

Cut-out film leaves the clean glass, on the spot where it is cut. The most common forms are relays in various thicknesses or circles. In order to maintain the privacy of your work, you can also cover the part of the glass at the table height.
It is opaque during the day, and at night the interior light shines so that advertising draws attention for 24 hours.