PVC Film

Digital printing on the self-adhesive PVC film is the most common form of large-format printing. This type of printing is practically unlimited: you can stick the printed materials to any surface including acrylic, lexan, galvanized tin, forex, glass, motor vehicles, and any other dry and dust-free surface.

The range of products with print on the film are:
*large format billboards,
*stickers for shop windows (discounts, rebates),
*taping the walls with graphics,
*branding of the stands,
*signposts along the road or in the interior,
*graphics and branding for vehicles,
*pasting and taping of furniture.

We offer photo-realistic prints in the high-quality resolution, which largely depends on the quality of preparation. Outdoor digital printing on the self-adhesive films comes with a 3-5 year warranty on the UV rays protection.

For some short-term needs, use films with the removable adhesive that is easy to remove without damaging the substrate and leave no trace.
In case you tape over an existing print you don’t want to remove, use the film with foil gray adhesive, which ensures that the new print is not a see-through.